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Coach. Leader. Speaker.


Whatever you have been through

god still chooses you


I am excited to introduce you to Corey, a dynamic and multifaceted individual whose life journey is as inspiring as it is impactful. Corey, a licensed minister and life coach, is not just a leader but a visionary who has dedicated his life to uplifting and empowering others across the United States.

With his powerful ability to speak, coach, and train, Corey positively influences over 75,000 people annually. His enthusiasm for teaching and guiding others towards holistic living is not just a profession but a calling. As an acclaimed and certified fitness professional, he’s the driving force behind Corey's Tribe Fitness, where his passion for helping individuals achieve their personal goals shines brightly.

In addition to his fitness and coaching endeavors, Corey brings his wealth of experience and insight to the board of directors for The Q 99.7, a prominent Christian radio station serving Western Massachusetts and Northern Connecticut.

Originally hailing from Columbus, Mississippi, Corey's journey has taken him far beyond his roots. Known for his boundless energy and ability to captivate hearts, he tirelessly travels the nation, speaking at schools, athletic events, churches, and leadership forums.


Corey's passion for Jesus and people is evident in every word he speaks and every action he takes.

Currently, Corey serves as the Campus Pastor at Vox in Springfield, Massachusetts, enriching the lives of his community members. His personal life is equally vibrant, shared with his wife, Dr. Rachel Sanders, and their two daughters, Aaliyah Dawn and Berkelei Grace. The Sanders household is one where sports play a significant role, reflecting Corey and Rachel's backgrounds as Division 1 college athletes.

Corey's life story is a testament to the power of dedication, faith, and community. He continues to inspire and lead, touching the lives of many with his message of hope, resilience, and empowerment.


The coach

The leader

The speaker

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